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Whether you’re going for a traditional wedding or something that reflects a little more of yourself, every detail of your big day matters. The cake is no exception to the rule. The cutting of the cake is a big ceremonial event and one you want to remember forever. The actual eating of the cake is just as important. At Corica Pastries, we take the same bespoke approach to wedding cakes as we take to all of our work. We strive hard and deliver quality cakes every time fit to your needs above all else.

Our Past Wedding Cakes

We’ve been making custom wedding cakes and cakes for every other occasion since 1957. We’ve made everything from traditional wedding cakes, multi-layered cakes, and custom designs like two heart cakes connected in the middle with a cute display to add a little extra romantic flourish. Take a look at our past work to see the huge range of different custom decorations, cake arrangement options, glazes, and designs. Whether you want the classic approach, something more modern, or something entirely new, we can work closely with you and present samples to help you get not only the right design but the right taste. Every suggestion and every piece of feedback is as valuable to us as making sure we delight everyone at your wedding.

Types of Wedding Cakes

Just as there are as many different kinds of weddings to fit every kind of couple, so too are there are a variety of different wedding cake options. We have a variety of our own creations and recipes to help give your wedding a unique taste, but we are just as capable of creating the more established wedding cakes out there, including the following:
  • Red Velvet
  • Chocolate
  • White Chocolate with Raspberry
  • Lemon
  • Vanilla
  • Coconut and Lime
  • Pink Champagne
  • Carrot

How Long Is The Process?

You have enough on your hands trying to get everything ready for the big day. You need to make sure that everything is where it needs to be and on time. We don’t want you worrying whether or not your custom-made wedding cake is actually going to make it to the wedding, so we can stay in touch with you throughout the whole process. It’s best to get in touch with us at least four months in advance, or even over six months for those most popular wedding seasons. The baking of the cake will be done as close to the big day as possible to ensure we’re using the freshest ingredients, but there is a lot of organising and testing that goes into making sure the cake you get is the cake you want.
Corsica Pastries has been helping customers celebrate the biggest events of their lives, including weddings, since 1957 using high-quality, fresh ingredients. That’s over six decades of custom wedding cakes in Perth and all across Australia, of working closely with customers to fit their needs perfectly, and six decades of some very satisfied brides, grooms, and wedding guests. Take a look at our past work, get in touch with us at 08 9328 8196 and let us make your day unforgettable for all the right reasons.

Cake Shapes

Looking at our past work shows that we are truly masters of creating cakes in all kinds of weird and wonderful shapes. You can go for a more traditional round or scalloped cake to keep it simple and elegant. Square wedding cakes have also become more popular for the couple who wants to keep it modern and sophisticated. Pillow cakes and heart-shaped cakes add a little extra luxury and fun expressiveness to the cake.

      Cake Types

We’ve worked with cakes of all different kinds. Sponge cake is the favourite choice of many a couple, and we offer a variety of recipes, including a variety of our beloved Torta cakes with different flavours. Other popular wedding cake varieties include the lightweight, fluffy chiffon and the rich, densely-packed fruitcake full of chopped nuts, spices, and dried fruits.

Cake Filling

No cake is complete without a filling. Raspberry crème can help add sweetness and a little sharpness. Going with strawberry slices in clotted cream complete with layers of jam keeps it extra fresh. A thick layer of Belgian chocolate can be perfect to give the cake just the right hint of sumptuous indulgence. If you don’t want the cake to be too heavy, lemon sorbet can give it a perfect light zest that works well for summer weddings.

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